Buy and Sell AUTHENTIC Pre-Owned Luxury Handbags and Accessories

1) How does the consignment process work?
Consignment is when you give your items to us to be sold and receive a portion of the sale price after we sell and deliver the item.
2) What are your consignment fees?
We charge a 40% commission as our fee on the final Selling Price of an item worth Rs. 20,000/- or less. (You keep 60%) For items Selling for above Rs. 20,000/- we charge a 30% commission as our fee. (You keep 70%)
3) How long do you keep the consigned items for?
We will keep your item for a minimum period of 90 days. You may choose to end the agreement at any point, subject to a 7 day notice period and a handling fee equivalent to 10% of the finalized Sale price of the item. This is to cover our costs of authentication, photography and marketing. The pickup of such items has to be arranged by you at your cost.
4) What if my consignment item does not sell?
If an item remains unsold after 90 days, we will contact you to discuss keeping it available for sale at a reduced price or returning the item to you at our cost.