Louis Vuitton

Founded in Paris in 1854, Maison Louis Vuitton has inherited the ambition and vision of its founders.  Louis Vuitton was a French box-maker and packer who founded the luxury brand under his name over 150 years ago. From humble beginnings in the French countryside, creating stackable rectangular shaped trunks in a market where luggage was clunky and rounded. The demand for his innovative and convenient trunk, rose with the popularity of train travel such that he had to expand into a larger workshop outside of Paris. Vuitton's skill, innovation and determination quickly catapulted his signature trunks amongst Europe's elite travellers.

At the time, to foil counterfeiters, he created a canvas bearing bold graphics, a pattern that was instantly recognisable. The unique pattern is composed of flowers and the entwined Louis Vuitton initials. The monogram soon became synonymous with luxury travel.  Louis Vuitton’s leather creations today come in a range of beautiful prints, from the Damier and Multicolore monogram  to the beautifully lacquered Vernis and the sturdy Epi leather, Louis Vuitton’s Monogram has been reimagined in many textures and loved across the globe.

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