Glamour, sexiness and drama best describe this Italian label featuring the luscious medusa motif, founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. The label’s aesthetic epitomizes a seriously sexy and party pioneered look. It is designed for both men and women who desire a modern and glamorous aesthetic that combines sophistication and sex appeal. Gianni Versace was a highly original, flamboyant and gifted fashion designer who was also something of an exhibitionist. Versace is deeply inspired by the male and female form, and he particularly loved to create sultry clothes for the women in his life. The female Versace look is well known by all – young, skin-tight, low cut, with sky-high slits on the skirts. The logo, is the head of an ancient Greek legend Medusa, a beautiful but dark image of a fierce woman with a head full of snakes.Versace has widely been called the "rock-and-roll designer" because his clients included Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, George Michael, Eric Clapton, Elton John and Michael Jackson, among many other artists.
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