Ralph Lauren Collection

American fashion designer, philanthropist, and business executive Ralph Lauren has influenced the fashion world with his genius in ‘classic yet comfortable luxury’ fashion. From his humble beginnings as a men’s tie designer in 1967, over the years Ralph Lauren has created a massive empire in the luxury fashion industry. Ralph Lauren’s success lies in it’s aesthetic,  elegant, straightforward yet refined and the embodiment of American Style. Ralph Lauren devotees love his elegant and effortless pieces that exude luxury. Ralph Lauren Collection is a brand vertical for the young and eccentric, with the perfect balance of modern trends, traditional techniques and their personal aesthetic. As the younger cooler sister of the main brand, fresh, romantic and vibrant style is almost synonymous with its name. Ralph Lauren has been producing relaxed and feminine products that are more than just. Be a part of their young, subtle luxury by shopping finds from Ralph Lauren Collection at labelcentric.com
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