This American design house based in New York is known for its beautiful leather handbags, shoes and accessories. Founded in 1941, Coach was a family run workshop known for its leather wallets and billfolds in Manhattan. Miles Can a leather works manufacturer with  innovative ideas took over the brand in 1961 and transformed the brand by using the same leather used to make baseball gloves for their designs. Now with richly dyed leather and a stronger fabric to work with, Coach soon became a brand that was synonymous with desirability and affordability.  This mammoth brand was said to reach its peak in the early 2000’s and saw a revival with the experienced innovation of Stuart Vevres in 2013. Today  Coach, Inc. is a top player in the luxury leather industry. His style is intended to make the idea of luxury relevant for the millennials: elegant prints clashing with biker jackets and references to the surf and skate culture that defined fashion trends today. Coach handbags are loved globally due to their functional and lightweight properties encased in a chic and stylish exterior. Vevers gives Coach a strong, appealing message, that it is a fashion giant that is here to stay. 
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