Hugo Boss

HUGO Boss was a brand founded in 1923 with the main objective to sell work clothing, raincoats and overalls for practical professions. Soon after they began to develop  fashion conscious and and sport inspired garments too and this coincided with the launch of their fashion brand in the ’60s which is widely accepted to be the start of the Hugo Boss Black brand. HUGO Boss stands for progressive metropolitan attitude. The brand offers modern and innovative design trends for both work and play. Hugo Boss not only epitomises understated luxury but also offers sophisticated and timeless design. With craftsmanship carried forward from 1923, Hugo has incorporated practicality with incomparable luxury to create a brand that offers a range of glamorous shoes and accessories, that appeals to all demographics.It is home to many classic silhouettes and naturally leans towards a more formal style. Shop finds from Hugo Boss at at unimaginable markdowns.
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