Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi is an Italian luxury women’s footwear company that also produces a limited range of handbags and other accessories. Sergio Rossi was born in 1935 in Italy where he inherited from his father, a shoemaker, the tools and the traditions of a great artisan. At the tender age of 20 Rossi moved to Bologna to study where his meeting with Gianni Versace created the turning-point in his career; these were the years of Italian cultural revival, innovation, cinema and experimentation, and the two designers began a successful collaboration. According to Vogue, during the 1960s, the company, “quickly became synonymous with Italian quality and classic feminine designs.” By the 70s, the partnership with Gianni Versace and made Rossi significantly famous, increasing the number of collaborations and his presence in the luxury fashion industry. The Sergio Rossi woman is a sensual idol and her shoes are not just accessories but an extension of her beauty, ones that are perfectly suited to her figure. The most  iconic product from Sergio Rossi is the Godiva pump. Its unique shape is now a signature item of every Sergio Rossi collection, reinvented each season in various materials and colors.
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