Stella Luna

The Stella Luna brand, born in 2006, is the result of a unique combination of ingredients: a family with generations of manufacturing and craftsmanship experience, a European design team, a reliance on the best of Italian leathers and a founder trained in engineering and design. Known for its strong commitments to modern, versatile style and true craftsmanship, and dedicated to assuring comfort at all heel heights, Stella Luna — already well-established in Asia — has grown to be a truly international brand in recent years, opening shops across the Middle East , as well as three boutiques in Paris. Stella Luna’s quality standards are quite simple to understand: it will only settle for the best. So, the company’s design and leather teams are located in Riviera del Brenta, in the Northeastern corner of Italy, to access the world’s best leathers. Tanneries here are second to none in their sourcing expertise, sophistication and precision. Stella Luna’s Riviera del Brenta team, headed by Italians whose families have generations of leather experience, stands out in particular due to its drive to master the latest technical advances and production innovations.
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